Get All Your Sewing Needs Here!

Tired of trying to find that good, old fashioned fabric at Walmart or another big superstore? Enjoy your shopping once more as you enter the Old Fashion Country Store! With shelves laden with bolts of quality fabric, what more could you want? We have many different varieties, colors, and textures, all available in our charming store. For a list of the different types of fabric we supply, visit our fabric page in our catalog, located right here. We also carry the sewing notions necessary for a complete outfit, such as buttons, thread, and more. Why not stop by and check out our selection? We are confident you will be impressed, and will want to take some items home with you.

Drop In For Some Walnut Creek Cheese!

Need some quality, bulk cheese but don’t want to travel far from home? Good news for everyone that lives near by to the Old Fashion Country Store! We have an impressive selection of bulk cheeses and meats, all right here in our store available for a low price that’ll make it affordable for almost anyone. These horns of walnut creek cheese are roughly fifteen pounds in weight and will satisfy any amount of craving for cheese you may possess. Get the big roll and save money on your cheese today!

Rhythm Clocks Available Today!

We offer for sale at our store clocks manufactured by Rhythm. These high quality and great sounding clocks are a beautiful centerpiece for almost any home environment. These clocks will keep you on track with their great sounding tunes every hour of the day! There are several different styles available at our store right now. Best of all, we offer them at a discount compared to retail value. It’s a win any way you look at it. So stop by the Old Fashion Country Store and pick one up today!

Stop By The Old Fashion Country Store!

Stop by The Old Fashion Country Store and pick up some cheese, fabric, or a cookbook! If you aren’t interested in those items, then we have the stainless steel cutlery and cookware you’ve deserved for the past 2 years. We’ve been serving Darke County since 2008, and we would really love to see you stop by! Quiet and peaceful environment that will make you feel right at home when you step inside. Hope to see you soon!